You’re Better Than That

Not long ago, suffering from drug addiction was often described as ‘having a monkey on your back’.  The point here is that you are being used by the drug, not unlike somebody riding a horse and using the reins to control the horse.  There is a grain of truth here.  People who suffer from chemical addiction often feel like their lives are out of control or that their drug of choice has some kind of domination over them.  Many victims of addiction will sacrifice other parts of their lives in order to get the drug they are addicted to.  We’ve all encountered people who lose employment, home, health and even family because of their pursuit of drugs.

The phrase ‘hitting bottom’ attempts to capture this reality of losing everything in order to get the drug of choice.  Different people, as you know, have different ‘bottoms’.  It could be losing your home; losing your family; waking up on the sidewalk knowing that you have nowhere to go; or even going to prison.  Whatever the particular situation, the person who hits their ‘bottom’ realizes that their lives are out of control and that they have left sometimes horrifying amounts of wreckage in their wake.  They may have mistreated their children or had them taken away by the authorities.  They may have destroyed once-promising careers.  They may have brought great suffering to friends or family members.  They may even have seriously damaged their own health.

The saddest part of this is that you deserve more for yourself.  As a child of God, as a person whom God has loved into existence, you have been given abundant gifts and talents.  God has planned a life full of blessings for you.  Instead of accomplishing great things, the addict has allowed themselves to be trapped into servitude to a chemical.  The victim of addiction deserves much more than they are settling for.  It’s time to claim your dignity and reject the dominion of addiction.

You can make it happen.  You don’t have to be a slave to a drug.  You don’t have to let addiction control your life and take away your potential.  You can regain control of your life.  Instead of living on the sidewalk and allowing your health to be destroyed by addiction, you can stand up again and do something better.  It’s not too late.  Start now, because you can still do amazing things.

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